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Technology & IP

Our published patent applications are

  1. Grant DA and Barker MH: Equipment for de-copperising an electrorefining process and way of operating the process: WO2017191458 (A1) published 09.11.2017.
  2. Barker MH and Grant DA: Equipment for a metal electrowinning or liberator process and way of operating the process: WO2017144912 (A1) published 31.08.2017.
  3. Barker MH and Grant D: Anode for a metal electrowinning process: WO2017064485 (A1) published 20.04.2017.

EWT Ltd. is a participant in the European Copper Institute’s CuBES – Copper Based Electrochemical Solutions – EIP Raw Materials commitment. Our in-situ liberation technology for copper concentration control is featured in the CuBES online magazine.

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